Cameron Kraus

Prior to studying architecture, Cameron received a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Harding University where he became interested in various areas of design including typography and printmaking. After college, he pursued a master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin during which time he honed his skills at an internship with Gigon/Guyer in Zürich, primarily working on competitions.

With a keen interest in cities, Cameron has been drawn to work that involves a critical examination of the urban condition. Whether a master plan or an individual project, he is interested in the capacity for sustainable planning to negotiate various needs while also envisioning change.

Cameron maintains broad interests in architecture and design and enjoys the overlap in the creative fields. Continued design work, especially on publications through The University of Texas, has gained him exposure to many discussions in and around the field of architecture.

Aside from design, Cameron enjoys cooking, traveling, and experiencing new places and cultures.

Deliberative / Restorative / Achiever / Input / Learner