Emre Kaya

Born and raised in Istanbul, Emre grew up at a unique intersection of various cultures and civilizations, which allowed him to expand his horizons, enlarge his perceptions, and validate his creativity. He studied architecture in Istanbul at Maltepe University, and subsequently obtained his master’s degree in Strasbourg, France, with a thesis about “architecture and complexity.”

Emre is deeply interested in combining architectural design, urban design, landscape architecture, and interior design in his projects, attempting to create more qualified, efficient, and pleasurable places. To develop this interest, he has participated in many international workshops all over the world.

During his studies, he participated in (and won a few!) professional architectural competitions both in France and Turkey. As a professional, he has experience from a small bungalow project to a soccer stadium and urban design projects.

Emre’s hobbies include travelling and photography, which led him to Overland. By chance, he experiencing one of Overland’s buildings while on a photography trip to Pennsylvania and applied shortly thereafter.

Futuristic / Learner / Achiever / Self-assurance / Strategic